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Video on advantages of a front load washer

Here is a great video showing the advantages of using a front loading clothes washer vs a top loading washer. Advantages of a front load washer

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Finding the best Dishwasher with shopExact

Hi All, Here is a video on using shopexact to help replace a 10 year old Dishwasher with a new unit.  shopExact has dishwasher model numbers going back almost 20 years so it is easy to compare you current dishwasher to a new energy star unit.  You get the total lifetime costs with shopExact including repair […]

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Arming Home Appliance Sales Associates With Information To Boost In-Store Conversion

Today 80% of the consumers do home appliance shopping research on-line and then visit a store for final selection. So consumers are coming to store with lot more information on their hand and expect the appliance sales associate to validate their assumptions and help them make final selection.  It is very important for retailers to […]

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Finding the best refrigerator – video of shopExact

Hi everyone, Here is a video on how to use shopexact to help replace a 9 year old top freezer refrigerator with a new purchase.  A unique attribute of shopExact is we have the dimensions  for refrigerators so you can use this to help screen your shopping options. Check it out: In this video we compared a 9 […]

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Making Energy Efficiency about saving money not as appliance purchase after thought

Today when you buy a new appliance – the energy guide which tells you the annual utility costs is sometimes hard to find and such a low number it does not impact the purchase decision.  Yet if you look at the real cost to run an appliance then operating cost will be a factor in […]

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The cost of running that old refrigerator

How many older refrigerators are still in use in homes in the US?  As we have been out collecting lots of appliance data with our consumer and through our home performance contractor customers, we see many homes with two refrigerators or still using a refrigerator greater than 20 yrs old. Here is a snapshot […]


Reducing water consumption with energy efficient appliances

This is a great time to be out shopping for a new appliance that uses water – i.e. clothes washer, dishwasher…  Not only are their great low water usage models available but many state and regional specific rebates are available. We are located in the San Francisco bay area and here is an example of a local CA rebate.  Our local water distract has teamed […]

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Finding the best Clothes Washer – video of shopExact

Hi everyone, Here is a video on how to use shopexact to determine if you should upgrade an older top loading clothes washer.  I took a look at a 9 year working top loader and given the operation cost; a new top loading clothes washer will pay for itself in 3 years. Check it out: Visit Shopexact

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How to use shopExact, it’s easy and intuitive!

Hi everyone – lets go through an example of how to use shopExact and compare a Clothes Washer to “Best in Class”: Here is the a Whirlpool front loader clothes washer purchased in 2004:  The model number is inside the door on the top left and easy to read: Whirlpool – GHW9150PW0 Now lets enter into shopExact and see […]

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